Elon Musk: Down Bad to do Good

Elon Musk is an asshole.

And yet, I respect him.

I won’t deny that he’s a troll, a philandarer,

But he has conviction. And he takes really big bets.

Elon chooses to do hard quests.

Electric cars. (he’s shifted EV timelines by several years, possibly a decade)

Space travel.

Brain-computer interfaces.

Social media website … Okay, maybe not that one.

Sure, his ideas aren’t always original”.

But even when his ideas fail on market share, they win on mind share.

Musk can turn a deep tech company into a meme stock.

The dude is a case study in thinking big, played by the 21st century’s biggest troll.

You can shit on Musk all you want, but there is as much to learn from his character as there is to despise.

February 6, 2023